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60th Birthday and Other Ayul Homams at Thirukadaiyur

Shastiapthapoorthi at Thirukadaiyur


Mrs. Sureka Dhanasekaran, Salem, 9942032449
Shastiapthapoorthi Function date: 28th October 2015
Dear Sir,

Our parent's Shastiapthapoorthi function went well. We and our guests are really pleased with pooja and food arrangements. Thank you for the arrangements.

Sureka Dhanasekaran
Mr. Neelakantan Krishnan, Bangkok, +66 843849737
Shastiapthapoorthi Function date: 11th / 12th October 2015
It was indeed a pleasant and thrilling experience during my Shastiaptapoorthi function conducted at Tirukkadaiyur on 11 & 12 October 2015 by Shri T V Sundaramurthy Gurukkal , Shri Gokul and all his team members.The function went off very well. He managed to do all things -A to Z. I am based in Bangkok , Thailand and everything was taken care. We did not have any problem. Our sincere thanks and appreciation for TVSG and his team members. We strongly  recommend Shri TV  Sundarmurthy Gurukkal for all  others who want to conduct function at Tirukkadaiyur.

K Neelakantan
Mobile+66 843849737
Mr. Ravi Ayyar, Mumbai, 09892171993
Shastiapthapoorthi Function date: 05th / 06th September 2015
Dear Shri Gokul Subramanyam,

My Shastiabdhapoorthy function conducted on 5th/6th September, 2015 at Thirukkadaiyur was a grand one.  Every one who attended the function enjoyed it and really surprised to see the function was conducted in a very professional manner.  We all really liked it and would like to thank you and your entire team for this success.  Food arrangement was excellent, hotel arrangement was good and your local Manager/Agent treated us well.  A big thanks to Shri TRV Sundaramurthy Gurukkal also. 

The photo of Sri Amrithakadeswarar & Abhirami, given to us by you during this function got misplaced.  Can you please arrange for one more copy of the photo and give to the photographer Shri Vasant, who will be sending our Photo album & video in 3/4 days time.

Thanks again for all the help & cooperation extended by you.


Ravi Ayyar
Mr. Harish Chandrasekaran, Coimbatore, 9003464865
Shastiapthapoorthi Function: 27th / 28th May 2015
We are very much satisfied by making this memorable moment a grand success. Everything was fine.The photo and the video taken was also nice.
Thank you
Mr. Dharnish B.R, Bangalore, 9886137322
Shastiapthapoorthi Function: 27th / 28th May 2015
Every thing went on perfectly fine . Thanks for your help . I will recommend you to my friends n relatives .

Best regards

Mr. Srijith / Sivaraman, Bangalore, 09972343658
Shastiapthapoorthi Function: 18th / 19th May 2015
 Dear Gokul/Sundaramurthy Gurukkal,

Firstly, I would like to convey my sincere Thanks to you for your constant help & assistance. All the arrangements done by you were really good and with almighty's blessings Shastiapthapoorthi of my dad went on well. 

Secondly, the guest house arranged by you (Abirami Residency) was also comfortable. We had some issues with housekeeping, but other other than that it was good.

Thanks for your incessant cooperation. We look forward to develop our acquaintance more with such events in future.
Mr. Gururaghavendra, Bangalore, 09481305108
Shastiapthapoorthi Function: 08th / 09th May 2015
Hello Gokul and all Team members of Gurukkal,

Thanks a lot for the all the arrangements as it was a wonderful function and all the relatives attended the Shashtipoorthi appreciated a lot for the arrangements. We had very nice darshanam of the Deity. Thanks again for all the preparations.


Kind Regards,

Ms. Thenmozhi Thanigaivel, Chennai, 8148615909
Ayul Homam Function date: 8th April 2015
Dear Shastiapthapoorthi team,

We are thankful for your guidance.we are much satisfied the way you have organised the function.I would like to appreciate the quality of food. Thank you for your services.

Thanks & Regards,
Thenmozhi thanigaivel
Ms. G. Ramya, Bangalore, 08050500419
Shastiapthapoorthi Function: 20th / 21st November 2014
Hi Gokul,

Thanks for everyone, Sundramurthy gurukal, other people who conducted the pooja, 
We enjoyed the pooja, awaiting to see the photographs and videos.Hope we will come for the 70th pooja as well.
Convey my thanks to all.

Mr. A. Shanmugasundaram, Srivilliputtur, +91 94444 60084  
 Shastiapthapoorthi Function date: 20th / 21st November 2014
Vanakkam !

I am immensely happy that my Shastiapthapoorthi function was conducted under your profound guidance. All the related function arrangements made by you were highly appreciable.

All my relatives who were present, highly praised the flawless function proceedings on 20-11-14 and 21-11-14 . Especially Gomatha Pooja, Ganga Pooja, Kalasa Pooja,, Villakku Pooja and finally Marriage function performed by your goodness were purely divine and was highly a memorable one through out my life. I do not hesitate to state that you only made function a grand one. And I am extremely thankful to you for the same. Please convey my namaskarams to your dad Dr. T.R.Viswanatha Gurukkal.
Mr. Saravanan Sudarson, Bangalore, 08884025741
Shastiapthapoorthi Function date: 7th November 2014

We had a wonderful experience today. We would like to thank you for this opportunity. Thanks from Sudarson and his family.

S. Saravanan
Mr. S. Sivaswamy, Hyderabad, 09849494799
Shastiapthapoorthi Function date: 11th / 12th October 2015
Dear Sir,
I wish to thank you and your team for making the function grand success. we all enjoyed and felt the blessing of goddess Abirami. I thank V. Sundaramurthy sir for taking care of the Sastiapthapoorthi function.

S. Sivaswamy
Mr. Surianarayanan, Hyderabad
Shastiapthapoorthi Function date: 30th / 31st August 2014
Dear Gokul,

We are very much delighted to have performed the Shashtipoorthi and Upanayanam functions at Thirukadaiyur at your and Shri Sundaramoorthy Gurukkal's guidance.All our relatives who came and attended the function appreciated the arrangements and were very happy to have had darshan at the temple.

I take this opportunity to thank you profusely for your help. Please convey my namaskarams to Shri Sundaramoorthy Gurukkal.

Thanks and regards
Mr. Raman Subramanian, Mumbai, 09820006865
Sadabishegam Function Date: 25th / 26th July 2014
Dear Mr.Gokul Subramanyam,

It was a fantastic experience for us to have the Sadabishegam of my father-in-law at Thirukadaiyur temple on 25-26/07/2014, under the leadership and guidance of Shri. Sundaramurthy Gurukkal. We are blessed by Lord Shiva & Godess Abhirami.

My in-laws had asked me to send their thanks to one & all who helped this event managed with utmost perfection.

Best Regards,
Raman Subramanian (9820006865)
Mr. R. Vijayalakshmi, Chennai, 8939060438
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 16th June 2014
The Shashtiapthapoorthi function of my parents went well and we are all so happy about the Pooja and the arrangements made.Thank you so much for all your coordination to make this occasion memorable and joyful. Cheers  :-)

Vijayalakshmi R
Mr. Ramu Srinivasan, Chennai, 9901490130
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 20th May 2014
Dear Gokul,

It was finished very excellent, We Thank you and your team for the entire arrangements.

Thanks and regards,

Mrs. Aarthi Ramaraju, Coimbatore, 9677999329
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 4th May 2014
The Shastiapthapoorthi function was Very well organized on 4th of May, 2014 (Sunday).

My Appreciation to the entire fraternity and Special Regards to Mr. Sundaramurthy Gurukkal for his presence with us right from beginning .

Great work Executed :) 
All the best Team

Aarthi Ramaraju
Mrs. Nalini Subramanian, Chennai, 9840909935
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 28th / 29th December 2013
Dear Sri Gokul Subramanyam,

Greetings. i know it is quite late in the day to be doing this,but it is never too late to say thank you.

I wonder if you remember me and my family ,but we had been in touch for almost 6 months to get the arrangements of my husband's shashtiabdipoorthi in place.You had gone out of your way to make us feel comfortable and confident about all the arrangements being in place for the function.And so it was.

Sir i on behalf of my family would like to thank you and your team for being so professional in your way of approach and seeing to it that everything was in place for the function.It was worth every bit of money that was charged of us.But that apart it was the warmth,the hospitality of Shri Sundaramurthy avargal and the accessibility of people concerned with the arrangements that really bowled us over.

It went off like  dream and now we only have photographs to prove that we had been to thirukadaiyur or such a big function. 
You have won for yourselves quite a few fans and in fact my sister is very seriously thinking of celebrating her husband's 60th birthday in a similar manner.So there you go!we have recommended you to quite a few people known to us and soon you should be having them contact you.

So thank you once again and do convey my appreciation and regards to Shri Sundaramurthy Gurukkal

9840909935 Mob
Mr. S. Mohan, Chennai, 95855 37980
Sadabishegam Function : 29th / 30th December 2013
The function went off well and all the arrangements were satisfactory. I wish the place my heartfelt thanks to you and Sri Sundaramurthy Gurukkal for the same.

With Best Wishes
S. Mohan, Mob: +91 95855 37980
Mr. Parthasarathi and Jayashree, Canada
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 3rd / 4th October 2013
We performed our Sashtiapthapoorthi function in Thirukadyur organized by Sri.Sundaramurthy Gurukkal on October 3 and 4, 2013. We are extremely pleased and blessed for getting it done through Sri.Sundaramurthy Gurukkal. All the function arrangements were made online and we received every detail information and answers to all our queries promptly and thanks to Gokul Subramanyam for that. The function was so beautifully organized with very fine details on every aspect, on the first and second day. The team of priests who conducted all the poojas, homams and formalities were excellent, dedicated and very devoted. We greatly enjoyed the Swamy - Ambal Thirukalyanam, which was performed at Manalmedu Margandeyar temple in divine surroundings. The functions were held perfectly on schedule and time. We are living in Canada and just arrived in Thirukadyur, but everything was so well organized leaving no work to any of us. The arrangements included photos and videos for the functions too, which was very well made, thanks to Mr. Nanda. All our relatives and friends who attended the function were very impressed by Sri.Sundaramurthy Gurukkal who organized the whole function. We sincerely thank Sri.Sundaramurthy Gurukkal for his dedication and blessings.

Kindest Regards,
Parthasarathi and Jayasree
188, Hampstead Way, N.W. Calgary, Alberta, T3A 6H6 Canada
Tel: 403-640-7743
Mr. Sabari Murugan, Chennai, 96005 70663
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 15th September 2013

We would like to express our gratitude for conducting the ceremony in timely manner and the excellent hospitality shown amidst the crowd.

Looking forward to meet you all again!!!

Sabari +91 9600570663
Mr. L.R. Venkateshwaran, Hyderabad
Sadabishegam Function Date: 26th / 27th July 2013
Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the all the arrangements and guidance given to us for conducting the Sathabhishekkam of my father-in-law. The arrangements were remarkable and was appreciated by all our relatives. We enjoyed our stay at Thirukadyur and a very fortunate to receive the blessings Lord Amrithamarkandeswar and Goddess Abhirami.

Once again Thank you very much for the arrangements made and all our relatives are also very keen to celebrate such functions in Thirukadayur under your guidance.
Seetha alias Nandini, 040-23702320
Mr. Bhaskar Ramaswamy, Bangalore, 099003 81979
Sadabishegam Function Date: 23rd / 24th July 2013
Dear Shri Sundaramurthy Gurukkal
We have now settled down after the celebration of my Sadabishegam at T.Kadaiyur.  It is my pleasant job to thank you for the excellent job done in extending full co-operation to my son in making the function a success.  I pray to Lord and her consort Abirami Ambal to shower on you and your family all the virtues in life.  Pl convey our regards and namaskarams to your beloved father Sri Visvanatha Gurukkal.
(B.Ramaswamy & fly and son Subramaniam and fly), +91 99003 81979
Mr. M.K. Hariharan, Mumbai, +91 98339 65693
Shastiapthapooorthi Function Date: 12th June 2013
Function went off very well and all arrangements were good. Thank you very much for your part in guiding us through this process.

With regards
Mrs. Chandni Srinivasan, Chennai, +91 95001 23706
Sadabishegam Function Date: 10th June 2013
Dear Mr Gokul
We would like to thank you for all the arrangements made,The fuction went well and arrangements were good.Kindly convey our wishes to Mr Sundara murthy Gurukkal and i shall give your reference to friends in future.
Best Wishes
Chandni, +91 9500123706
Mrs. Sumathi Viswanathan, Canada
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 8th / 9th June 2013
Mr. M.C. Sankaran, Hyderabad, 09245207350
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 18th / 19th March 2013

Dear Mr.Gokul,

Sorry for the delayed feedback.

It was an excellent arrangement and the Sashtiapthapoorthi cannot be performed better than this any where in the world. Many people criticized me when I made arrangement by booking through internet that it will be a commercial operation and will be performed in the crowd where you will not have any satisfaction. Even people told me that I should have the satisfaction of being performing this in the place of GOD that's all and not to expect anything beyond this.

But I was sure, the way in which you are responding to my mails and keeping informed in all respects. It was a BIG surprise for the people who made comments and I should sincerely appreciate the devoted poojas, homamas and other formalities conducted by the team in a more dedicated way, I decided to have all my future functions of 70s, 80s also only at Thirukadaiyur that too only through Sundaramoorthi Gurukal and team through YOU. Few of my relatives who attended the function also taken details from me and may be approaching for conducting the Sashtiapthapoorthi in the near future.

Our special thanks to Sri Sriram vadyar who lead the Rudhra homamas and poojas on 18th and he also joined for the next day function too. He was very sincere, devoted and conducted all poojas and homams with full explanations and to our satisfaction.

Please convey our heartfelt THANKS to all your team especially to Mr.Ravi, who provided a tasty home food with excellent service and to the people who accommodated us in their lodging.

Thanking you 

M.C.sankaran, Hyderabad.Mob: 09245207350
Mr. Dasharath, Bangalore, +91 9449186441
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 15th March 2013
Dear Sir,

Thank you for the wonderful arrangement for the shastiapthapoorthi of my father. It was an auspicious occasion for us and you made it happen in a very traditional way! It was indeed a blessing of the lord to make it a successful ritual.

The stay was very comfortable and pleasant for all of us. And with your blessing I look forward to be there for the 70th shanti also.

Dasharath, +91 9449186441
Mr. Ramanan, Singapore
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 15th / 16th Feb 2013
Thanks for the facilities and arrangements made by you and your team. We were happy on all the formalities! My parents were also happy!Convey my regards to gurukkal too!

Once again thanks.

Ramanan, Local Contact No. 09884898073
Mr. Suresh Kumar, Bangalore, +91 98801 41771
Shastiapthapoorthi Function: 7th December 2012
Thanks for arranging all the requirements for the function. The function went well on Dec 7th. Thanks once again.

Suresh, Mob: +91 9880141771
Mr. G. Lakshminarayanan, Chennai, 9500031404
Sadabishegam Function Date: 2nd / 3rd Deember 2012

I thank you for the arrangements made and the function went on very smoothly.

Mrs. Radha Charan, Bangalore, +91 81235 10613
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 23rd / 24th November 2012
Thanks for your kind co-operation and the function was very nice
Mob: +91 8123510613
Mr. S. Sathyan, Madurai, +91 9788769968
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 14th October 2012
I sincerely convey on behalf of my family, my heartiest thanks for your kindest cooperation done during our visit for my shastipoorthi on 14th instant.Kindly convey my humble namaskarams to Shri.Viswanatha Gurukkal (The Chief Priest)
Mob: +91 9788769968
Mr. Devarajan, Chennai, 93801 76393
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 1st October 2012
Dear Gokul,

Our function on the Oct 1st 2012 went on very well and please pass our prayers and namaskars to Sri.Sundaramurthy Gurukkal and great senior Sri Vishvantha Gurukkal.

A very close friend of mine from CBE, owner of Indus Electronic India Mr.Jagadeesan and his family are keen to perform their Shasthi on the June 23rd in a grand manner..please update the enclosed package is the same and any changes by return mail ASAP.

N Devarajan
93801 76393
Mr. Ravi Duraiswamy, Bangalore, +91 94480 71350
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 20th September 2012

We wish to express great satisfaction in the conduct of our Shastiabdapoorthy at Thirukadaiyur on 20th September,2012. We feel that the arrangements in general were excellent. In particular, the thirukalyanam function on 19th September,2012 at the Markandeya Swamy temple was appreciated by all who attended it ; we were informed that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you once again for organizing the function in a great way. We will recommend your services to our friends and relatives.

Mob: +91 9448071350
Mr. Priyanth Dhanraj, Bangalore, +91 98840 36566
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 5th September 2012
Thanks a lot for excellent service you guys had provided at thirukadaiyur, all our family really worried how it would be but after pooja we were happy as you guys given excellent individual attention. once again thanks to you and Mr.T R V Sundaramurthy Gurukkal for making occasion more memorable.
Mob: +91 9884036566
Mr. Nagarajan, Kumbakonam
Bhimaradha Shanthi Function Date: 20th August 2012
Greetings from mantra Resorts!!

It was nice to be there with my family and I once again thank you for organizing the function in a  grand manner. Mr. Sundaramurthy and his team had taken care of us at the temple when our family was there. I will definitely look into for my future bookings that comes through Mantra.Thank you very much.

Mob: +91 7299955131
Ms. Uma Sudhish, Chennai, 99406 62268
Bhimaradha Shanthi Function Date: 20th August 2012
Hi Gokul & Team, First, Thank you for all the coordiantion for the Function. The function went on ver well and we all are very happy about it.. Food was Awesome!!!! Happy that we had a function at such a holy place... Once again thank you for the support...
Mob: +91 9940662268
Mrs. Arthy Shankar, Chennai, +91 9940685069
Shastiapthapoorthi Function Date: 8th / 9th July 2012
Dear Mr.Subramanyam,
Thanks a lot for all the support extended towards making the functiona a grand success!People were very organised and every minute event was completed on time. On behalf of all members of my family, my Sincere Thanks to you & Sundaramoorthy Gurukkal!